New Mod Puts a New Nathan Drake Story into GTA V

Nathan Drake

The adventure proceeds for the Uncharted star in an all new GTA V Mod.

A group of modders has made a pristine adventure for Nathan Drake in Grand Theft Auto V. The Chiliad Mystery's is an original story made with the GTA V Mission Creator. Take after Nathan as he reveals a riddle profound inside Mount Chiliad.


The mod's synapsis​ peruses:

Join the mythical Nathan Drake into his incredible new journey in San Andreas. After countless years of research, the mystery of the great old Mount Chiliad is still left unsolved. Countless corpses have been recovered during the search for the artifact, and many more were lost…

The mod incorporates skins for Nathan from over the Uncharted including a few from Uncharted 4. The NaughtyDevs do prescribe utilizing Menyoo for simple access to outfits. It additionally includes another weapon holster script, menu graphics, loading icon, intro, and voice files to breath life into the experience.

The group is likewise taking a shot at adding more Uncharted characters to GTA and a totally new storyline utilizing Mission Creator, so you can pay special mind to their "Thieve's of Uncharted" mod later on.


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